Helping teens to become Jesus followers.
growing FAITH
Scotland Community Church
Scotland, South Dakota
Our church has a three year Confirmation program that centers on helping teach teens the Bible and
the articles of the Christian faith.  All youth in grades 6 - 8 are invited to participate.  Confirmation
classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 pm August through May.

Year 1: Overview of the Old Testament

In 6th grade, the Confirmation process begins with an overview of the major stories
from the Old Testament.  Teens get a chance to watch the movie
"Jeremiah" and
documentaries on the
"Science Behind the Parting of the Red Sea" and "Joshua's

Download the 2017-2108 class schedule for Year 1 here.

Here is a link to a worksheet used in Year 1  that can be downloaded and printed off in case students
need a duplicate copy.

12 Tribes of Israel Worksheet

Year 2: Overview of the New Testament

In the 7th grade, students will engage in an overview of the New Testament.
Special emphasis is given to exploring the life, death and resurrection of Jesus
Christ and the birth and growth of the Early Church through the ministry and
writings of the Apostles.  Also included is a brief look at history between the Old
and New Testaments, including the Apocryphal book of
1 Maccabees.

Download the 2018-2019 class schedule for Year 2 here.

Year 3: Church History & Articles of the Christian Faith

In the 8th grade, the Confirmation process concludes with a study of the Articles of the Christian Faith
as summarized in the
Apostles Creed. Guided by the Heidelberg Catechism and the German
Congregational Catechism, students explore the core beliefs of Christian faith, i.e. God the Father,
Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, sin, salvation, the Church, the Sacraments and the Lord's Prayer.  Teens
also explore an overview of Church history, sample the
Didache, watch the movie Luther, and examine
how merging their life with Jesus makes a difference in real life.

One highlight of Year 3 is a weekend
Confirmation Trip where teens and their parents get to
experience different worship styles while attending services at churches from a number of
denominational traditions and explore similarities and differences between Christianity and Judaism at
a Jewish synagogue.

Another highlight is
Confirmation Jeopardy Night.  This is a fun evening in which students compete
in a Jeopardy Game based on content learned from all three years of Confirmation.  The entire
congregation is invited to come and watch what teens have learned on this  final review night.

Rite of Confirmation is celebrated on Pentecost Sunday at the conclusion of Year 3
instruction.  At that time, teens have a chance to make a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ for
themselves.  They are also able to partake in Holy Communion for the first time.  If a teen has not
been baptized prior to Confirmation, they may participate in the sacrament of baptism  along with their
profession of faith.

Download the 2018-2019 class schedule for Year 3 here.

Here are links to a number of worksheets used in Year 3  that can be downloaded and printed off in
case students need a duplicate copy:

Apostles Creed: Greek & English Translations

Church History: The First Thousand Years

Church History: The Second Thousand Years

Church History: Scotland Community Church

The Didache

Popular Christian Symbols Worksheet

Sacred Seasons Worksheet

Body of Christ Worksheet

Year 3 Memorization Assignments